New Year, New Image with Dental Implants in Staten Island

Thanksgiving has passed, Christmas is merely days away, and the New Year is right around the corner. As people across the world anticipate the beginning of 2015 by setting resolutions, have you begun to think of your own? They could be as simple as shedding a few pounds, reading more frequently, or even planning family […]

Not Just for the Famous: Get Dental Implants on Staten Island

Oakwood Dental Arts of Staten Island and Freehold provides treatment popularized by entertainers Though many celebrities these days seem to be leading the parade in getting dental implants, you don’t need a bold-faced name to benefit from having one. For a lot of stars, the dental work is cosmetic, but at Oakwood Dental Arts, ordinary […]

Dental Implants Offer Staten Island Patients an Attractive Solution to Missing Teeth

Missing teeth, whether one, two or several, can easily dampen your lifestyle, making it difficult and embarrassing to chew, smile, or even speak in a natural manner. The skilled professionals at Oakwood Dental Arts, with offices located the communities of Oakwood Heights and Tottenville, offer dental implants to Staten Island patients. A dental implant is […]