Not Just for the Famous: Get Dental Implants on Staten Island

Oakwood Dental Arts of Staten Island and Freehold provides treatment popularized by entertainers

Though many celebrities these days seem to be leading the parade in getting dental implants, you don’t need a bold-faced name to benefit from having one. For a lot of stars, the dental work is cosmetic, but at Oakwood Dental Arts, ordinary people can receive dental implants in Staten Island and Freehold, which is often the perfect solution to missing teeth. You might just give yourself a round of applause as you examine the brilliant outcome in the mirror.

Oakwood’s offices in Freehold, N.J and Staten Island offer dental implants. Whether a patient needs a single implant or more than one, they produce an outcome that looks and feels like a natural tooth.

There is both mystery and misinformation about implants, and both originate from people generally knowing very little about them. Teeth have roots, and an implant is an artificial one solidly anchored into the jaw to hold a post. Then a crown, made to blend in with adjoining teeth, is fitted to the post.

The procedure works well for one tooth or a full complement. It also can be a way to stabilize dentures.