Dental Implants Staten Island

Dental implants is a procedure offering patients both cosmetic and medical advantages to regaining their self-esteem and begin living a normal, happy life again. They not only feel like normal teeth, but they look like normal teeth as well. Some people suffer from jaw shrinkage when they begin to lose their teeth, giving them the unfortunate appearance of an older face. Dental implants have the ability to slow or even stop this process. Additionally, typical dentures are continuously adding discomfort due to the placement on top of the jawbone and gum; but with dental implants this discomfort can become extinct with the implant being secured to the jawbone much like a natural tooth. Speech with dental implants also becomes improved due to the secure placement of the implant. No more slurred speech or clicking noises resulting from tense facial muscles attempting to hold a denture in place.

Wouldn’t it be great to sit down to a meal and not have to worry about the incidence of your dentures falling out? Or even to simply smile with confidence knowing your teeth are glowing and beautiful. Dental implants Staten Island may be just right for you!